The L206D is a self powered, ultracompact and high performance two-way loudspeaker. Member of the Vertcon family, it was designed for small areas with high performance and exceptional coverage. The extended headroom for high frequency ensures flat response for a wide range from 110 Hz to 20 kHz. The combination of 100º horizontal coverage with the high headroom factor provides detailed resolution for signals with delicate transients throughout the coverage area.

Model: L206D

Transducers: LOW - 2 x 6" / HIGH - 1x Compression driver

Connectors: Female XLR and Male XLR loop thru

Dimensions (H x W x D) : 227mm x 600mm x 374mm

Weight: 27 kg


Key Features

  • Two-way, self powered, ultracompact and high performance line array loudspeaker;
  • Led Indicators ON, SIG, LM e CSD;
  • 2-Channel Class D Amplifier;
  • Switch mode power supply with PFC - Operating range: 100 to 250 V ac;
  • Built with a special humidity resistant fiberboard “Madefibra®”;
  • Black Polyester Finish;
  • Hex-stamped steel protective grille, coated with electrostatic paint;
  • AC connection IP65-3P with Looping Output NBR14.136 - 20A Output.